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Our Story

Why the 1804 Financial Group name?

Prior to 1804, banking as we know it today didn’t exist.

The model for modern banking in Virginia was started in 1804 when the Bank of Virginia was chartered. The model was based on a central bank with individual bank branches supported by the capital of the central bank. This brought stability, sound management of resources, and protection to the individuals and business owners who depended on the services of the banks. This system continues today not only in Virginia but also the entire United States.

1804 Financial Group follows a similar model - that of a central group with individual resources. Our team of experienced financial strategists each have their own area of concentration supporting the entire group and our clients.

The 1804 logo is created by stacking the “building blocks” of a financial plan. The words are not in a single, horizontal line - instead the blocks are stacked UPWARD – to illustrate our dedication towards growth. The foundation of our advisory practice is based on trust, respect and careful risk management.

Our team of financial strategists and client support staff seek to help provide security and stability for our clients.

We Aim to Empower You to Determine Your Needs,
Reach Your Goals and Secure Your Future